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The fact that we will close specific rivers and tributaries to protect spawning fish from licensed anglers but still allow indigenous harvest means that the fish will not be protected. This practice of allowing rights-based fishing during spawn needs to be managed and regulated as well.

BrettU over 1 year ago
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I would like to see the Winnipeg River System opened to catch and release Lake Sturgeon fishing provided the data supports the low risk of mortality of handling Lake Sturgeon.

Manitoban1987 over 1 year ago
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I do not think banning live bait is going to help with the AIS problem whatsoever especially leeches. We have float planes boats and all other kinds of things that are a far bigger concern. We already have a shortage of minnows with this movement it will be catastrophic for survival of shiners etc.

Karmas over 1 year ago
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Not impressed ....... over 1 year ago
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about time seniors are recognized for their past contributions to the fisheries through license purchase and other means

Dave Page over 1 year ago
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This is absolutely ridiculous. You are taking away jobs from people who arnt even the reasons for why you are concerned. Don’t cut out live bait, this will not solve anything.

Kaleighasch over 1 year ago
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I think this is a good start although much like I mentioned in the survey I think that waiting until 2027 to prohibit live bait is a bit extreme. I believe that this should happen for 2022 or 2023 if the dangers of AIS are that prevalent.

NCLinsey over 1 year ago
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There is some positive stuff in this proposal. The elimination of live bait is concerning as is the reduced walleye limit on Lake Winnipeg. Want to replenish fish stocks on Lake Winnipeg, look at the commercial fisherman harvest.

Harpz over 1 year ago
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More money towards the fisheries and stocking programs

Lauze over 1 year ago
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Boats to be allowed two rods per angler, no difference than ice season

Thunderbucket over 1 year ago
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a blanket 4 walleye limit , may hurt lodges that require further travel. people may not be incentivized to travel further for possible better angling when they can go to a closer lake with more pressure and still 'catch their limit' which would only be 4 .

GOFISH over 1 year ago
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