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part 14 (Fall Protection); anchor points (14.13 and 14.14)

The regulations should include an allowance that when there is no anchor point a worker can climb without fall protection, by the safest, most direct route to set up the anchor point. (e.g. when shingling a roof the worker has to climb to the peak of the roof to set up the anchor point).

Secondly, I think it is silly that a permanent anchor point, designed and certified by a P.Eng must be rated for at least 22.2 kN, but a temporary anchor point, not designed by a P, eng needs to be only capable of supporting a static load of 8kN and no requirement for static load testing or validation by P.eng.

Also if you could standardize some training (say, CSE 1, CSE 2, Fall protection, mobile equipment training) it would be easier to qualify a worker for work if we knew he had training that met a minimum standard. Saskatchewan and Alberta have training requirements for each directly listed in their regulations.

Silica hazards should also be included in the regs