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If fail-safes are in place (SWP, training, safe guards, PPE, etc) and it's proven that a worker is responsible for the accident and not for the lack of safe practices (examples: they decided to take a short-cut when no one asked them to, the opted not to wear a PPE and has been disciplined multiple times for failing to do so). Employers should not be penalized for an incident happening. It is very demotivating for an employer to be diligent in putting all these in place whereas some workers learned how to work the system as they would have to be accommodated even if they get disciplined.

On the flip side, when Safety Committees bring forward concerns to management the company should be held accountable to respond to it and not let the meeting be a waste of time. There should also be some accountability for this.

Lastly, being Safety Committee member is not a full-time job often the member would prefer to prioritize their work over this. We should mandate that for x number of employees in a company or also depending on the safety level of the industry a dedicated Safety staff should be hired so that someone is taking the accountability and the bucket is not passed around.