Thank You!

Good evening,

Once again, I wish to commend the vaccine task force members along with all their staff members and volunteers who are doing such great work over at the RBC Convention Centre with the vaccine rollouts!

My husband and I received our second doses finally of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, June 14, 2021, and once again were very impressed with the work the whole team there are doing with welcoming people and answering any questions while we were directed to the vaccine jab area. We were pleasantly surprised that despite the fact that we were unable to get our appointments in the same time slot, that they allowed us both to come in and have our shots at the same time. That way we did not have to make a second trip down to the Convention Centre for my shot which was scheduled at a later time that day. So a huge thank you for facilitating that kind of situation as well!

The people are doing a great job! Everyone is high energy and so very friendly. A huge kudo to everyone there. They are making the process work so well and we came away once again very impressed with the whole process, all the hard work and the success of the vaccine rollouts. Look forward to see those second doses climb quickly. We certainly were happy and RELIEVED to have our second shots.

One thing that I would suggest is that some more formal guidance be handed out to all getting their second doses of vaccine to ensure folks really do take that two or three weeks to ensure their shot has time to protect them before they get out and about too quickly. We still need to continue with the masks, physical distancing, hand washing at the present time with variants still here; and therefore Covid is still here .

Consultation has concluded