Compliments to Manitoba Govt Premier Pallister and Dr Rousain and Team Manitoba

Compliments to Manitoba Govt and Dr Rousain and Team.

Last 14 months in this COVID pandemic, the Govt of Manitoba and Team have done commendable work For Manitobans ...Regularly keeping us updated and advising us about health issue /Lock down etc..

It was not easy for us Manitobans as well for Govt.....but with the *Team Manitoba* approach, we are almost there . 70 % of Manitobans will be vaccinated by July..

Great Team work

Me and my wife send heartfelt thanks to Dr Rousain and his team. And big kudos to Premier Brian Pallister and his Cabinet.

Vaccine drive at Super site

We both received both doses and would like to state how efficiently and professionally this site was operating. Each and every corner of super site had assistants and help was there to direct us...

Heart Felt Thanks to Team Manitoba .Hemant and Hina Shah

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