National Public Service Week 2021 - Recognition and Resilience

Kudos for Colleagues - Celebrating Public Service Excellence

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This is a forum where we celebrate our colleagues and our wins at work - big and small, life-changing and day-changing, where we focus on the big picture but also on the smaller-scale successes that drive us. Have an Extraordinary Act of Public Service to share? Want to recognize a colleague for something minor or major? Please share the things, the people, and the projects you are proud of here. 

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Guidelines for posting;

1) Remember not to include any personal information or health information about the individuals you're recognizing.

2) Try and give specific examples of what the person did, but if you want to thank them just for being awesome, that's okay too!

3) Keep in mind that while this is a private forum which is internal to government, it can be accessed from outside government and does not require a government email address to log on.

4) Items posted on this board should be considered public, as they can be shared to social media. Remember the social media policy when posting. 

Félicitons nos collègues – Soulignons l’excellence de la fonction publique

Nous vous invitons à participer à un forum où nous célébrons nos collègues et nos victoires au travail – petites et grandes, marquantes pour la vie, inspirantes au quotidien – et où nous nous attachons non seulement à nos réalisations d’ensemble mais aussi aux succès à petite échelle qui nous animent. Vous voulez faire connaître un service public extraordinaire? Vous souhaitez souligner une grande ou petite chose qu’un collège a accomplie? Nous vous donnons l’occasion de parler ici de choses, de gens et de projets pour lesquels vous ressentez de la fierté.

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Lignes directrices sur les publications

1) N’oubliez pas que vous ne devez pas inclure de renseignements personnels ou de renseignements médicaux concernant les personnes dont vous reconnaissez la contribution.

2) Essayez de donner des exemples précis de ce que la personne a accompli; toutefois, si vous voulez simplement la remercier parce qu’elle est géniale, c’est bien aussi!

3) Rappelez-vous qu’il s’agit d’un forum privé qui est utilisé en interne au gouvernement, mais qu’une personne de l’extérieur du gouvernement peut y avoir accès sans utiliser une adresse électronique gouvernementale.

4) Les éléments publiés sur ce forum doivent être considérés comme publics, car ils peuvent être partagés sur les réseaux sociaux. N’oubliez pas de respecter la politique des médias sociaux (en anglais seulement) lorsque vous publiez des messages.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We hope that recognizing a colleague helped you feel amazing!

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  • Innovators Network? More like the ENGAGEMENT Network, am I right?

    over 1 year ago

    The Innovators Network had 100% member engagement over the last 90 days! That means each and every of the network's 350+ members have interacted with each other in some manner over the last 3 months. That might have been making a post, commenting on one, giving a reaction or reading the content on Teams.

    The Innovators Network is a completely voluntary employee network made up of public servants who are passionate about or want to learn more about Innovation and Transformation in Government. Every post by someone asking a question, or seeking help in some way is met by a... Continue reading

  • Kudos to Gonzalo and Marianne!

    by Lyndonna, almost 2 years ago
    Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude to my two colleagues Gonzalo Pizarro and Marianne Mirecki who make themselves available to help me with my working files, and assist in anyway they can so I can meet deadlines.

    You both are awesome!!!

  • Kudos to Jessica!

    almost 2 years ago
    Kudos to Jessica Drakul for organizing this activity for NPSW, being our department's fearless Employee Engagement leader, sharing amazing GIFs and always being so great to work with!
  • Accessibility Champions at the Manitoba Accessibility Office

    by Yutta Fricke, almost 2 years ago

    Kudos to Erika Vas, Emily Walker, Colleen Watters and Tracy MacMillan - the team that works with me at the Manitoba Accessibility Office to support accessibility, as required by law and by nearly one in four Manitobans served by our government. In the last year, that has meant learning how to host online meetings and webinars that include ASL, captioning, phone or on-line participation, and a record for folks who need a review or missed the session. The team also provided a pandemic lens to regulations that include: allowing support people and service animals, ensuring communication that meets clients' needs... Continue reading

  • Real Estate Services Branch - Resilient, Dedicated Team

    by SBurton, almost 2 years ago

    The team at Real Estate Services Branch has gone above and beyond to work together in our transition from an Operating Agency, to a Branch within a Division. Staff have encountered numerous changes with grit and determination. Our acting Director has been a pillar of strength when we've needed it the most, and she continues to power on and "get the job done", in turn motivating us all to do the same.

    Thank you RESB, it is an honor to work with all of you.

  • Indigenous History Month

    by EDU14, almost 2 years ago
    I really want to thank the Director of the Indigenous Inclusion Directorate, Helen Robinson-Settee and Indigenous Inclusion Consultant Flora-Lee Trueman for their hard work in creating sessions to celebrate Indigenous History Month!

    Very proud to work with such strong, capable, and talented women!

  • Great Team! Advanced Education Division

    by Agnes Wittmann, almost 2 years ago

    Happy Public Service Week!

    I would like to send kudos to the great Advanced Education Division Team!

    Thank you for all your hard work and your commitment. Thank you for helping us build a great new team. I hope you have an amazing week.

  • Positive Support in a Time of Change

    by annejanes, almost 2 years ago

    I’d like to send kudos to my brand new Policy & Performance team at Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration – Fanny, Anna, Lori, Josie, Jodi and Dupe for keeping things moving and learning as they go. It’s a brand new division, a brand new team and a brand new mandate and they’ve been supportive and positive throughout our first seven weeks together and ongoing change. Please know how much you are appreciated.

  • Hayley S. Partnership Development Coordinator for Workforce Training and Employment

    by Christine, almost 2 years ago

    After 16 years of working for the civil service, congratulations and best wishes to Hayley in her retirement! A Partnership Development Coordinator in title, and a civil servant extraordinaire by spirit, Hayley worked tirelessly on countless files over the years including such memorable ones as CASS and TIOW! A true mentor to her peers and a highly respected and valuable team member for the WTE leadership team. The public service is better because of people like you. We will miss you Hayley!!!

  • Emergency Measures - Critical Support - Jordan Nastiuk

    almost 2 years ago

    Jordan Nastiuk (Acting Preparedness Program Manager and Emergency Management Advisor) has given rock-solid performance in this role and as our Duty Officer through the high-danger phase of the wildfire events in May. He performed under conditions of a very high tempo and heightened stress levels amongst our partners. He produced initial situation notifications, situation reports, and conducted numerous response coordination meetings between partners including local authorities and on behalf of the Manitoba Wildfire Service. Stellar work by Jordan, demonstrating an outstanding grasp of response coordination requirements and the need to establish, maintain, and distribute a high level of situational information... Continue reading