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Innovators Network? More like the ENGAGEMENT Network, am I right?

The Innovators Network had 100% member engagement over the last 90 days! That means each and every of the network's 350+ members have interacted with each other in some manner over the last 3 months. That might have been making a post, commenting on one, giving a reaction or reading the content on Teams.

The Innovators Network is a completely voluntary employee network made up of public servants who are passionate about or want to learn more about Innovation and Transformation in Government. Every post by someone asking a question, or seeking help in some way is met by a flood of others looking offering support. There have been countless connections made, interests shared and opportunities to grow revealed. When someone needs an answer or guidance, I've often directed them to the Innovators Network and it never disappoints.

I think we've got something great here and I love to see all the content, support and sharing going on. A great example, showing the rest of GOM what an engaged group of public servants looks like!

So, a huge KUDOS to all of you on the network. Keep doing what you do and being total rock stars!

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