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I agree Regulations in Manitoba are clear. Education and enforcement is the issue.

I agree withLaws what laws by Carrie Hurteau,

The following legislation is all needed in Manitoba
Conflict of interest laws are drastic need of review and change, example if in and employee requires a lawyer they have to do a conflict of interest search with the legal firm supplying their name and the parties name that they want to litigate against and if one person in that large legal firm has done any legal work for the opposition (offender) party then the entire legal firm is tainted/compromised making it very difficult for an employee to obtain a good quality high-end lawyer within the same province.
also if unionized and an employee requires a lawyer and the union decides to obtain a lawyer the lawyer quickly advises the unionizef employee that the act directly for the union to advise the union on how to best handle your case the lawyer does not act directly to protect yourself the lawyer protects the union, so if Liam what he feels that they’re union is acting arbitrarily in bad faith then the lawyer knows more about the employee then the employee knows about them selves not a good system, people need to bring this up with their local MLA‘s for real substantial change

The Ontario government passed legislation in April requiring employers with 25 or more employees to have an electronic monitoring policy. This could cover whether an employer is monitoring an employee's computers, cellphones or GPS and the extent to which it is occurring.

The Non-Disclosure Agreements Act