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I agree Regulations in Manitoba are clear. Education and enforcement is the issue.

I agree with Randy Pokrant – Safety Consultant
To ad value, most people I speak with cant define or know the difference between working alone or working in isolation, they should be on a test and may need further clarification with pictorials. Example if a person is working in the winter time behind a locked fence 650 m away down a slope by a river and the driveway is snowbound and unkept for the winter, because the location is seasonal, the questions are:

Why was this employee doing this? (duress), now that we are past this question.
Will fire and paramedics be able to make it to help if there’s an emergency within 30 minutes?
if this gets taken too safety committee and does not taken seriously well Workplace Safety and Health take it seriously?

In addition electronic devices commonly fail in cold weather battery life is reduced, apps like Safetyline fail miserably quite often and are unreliable for a lot of various reasons, No one goes looking for you any reasonable amount of time, they only make a phone call or two and put in overtime for it.
these types of systems are commonly not used for safety but rather an employee monitoring device, which is not their original intent.
The following Ontario legislation is needed in Manitoba

The Ontario government passed legislation in April requiring employers with 25 or more employees to have an electronic monitoring policy. This could cover whether an employer is monitoring an employee's computers, cellphones or GPS and the extent to which it is occurring.

The Non-Disclosure Agreements Act