You gave my daughter hope

Like for so many, the pandemic has been extremely difficult on my 12 year old's mental health. I've worried endlessly about how each new round of public health orders would impact her. With remote school, and inability to see friends and family- her once vibrant and shiny personality was extinguished. When she heard the news that children 12 and up would be eligible for a vaccine, she told me it's the only thing that has brought her hope in the past 16 months. Since getting her first shot - I am starting to see the joyful and happy young lady who has been buried under pandemic fatigue and depression. She smiles more, and she is starting to look forward to future plans, something she had all but given up on.

There are no words that can accurately describe the gratitude I have for all those involved in the Manitoba vaccine roll out, and for the hope it's brought to our family. Thank you.

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