Very Hesitant at first….

When the vaccine first came out I was one to say NO WAY am i getting that vaccine. I didn’t do well with flu shot so I didn’t want to chance it. The more time went on and speaking with Doctors and the information that was rolling out I decided i needed to get it. For myself and for others.

I was terrified going to RBC. I sat there extremely emotional. I was glad I was wearing a mask to hide my fear. With tears in my eyes I sat and waited for my jab. The process was quick, organized and the people there were very kind.
I left there feeling empowered. I did the right thing. As hard as it was.
I had zero side effects for both doses, just a sore arm. Big deal.
Thank you to everyone who is making this possible for Manitoba!!

If you’re on the fence…jump off and get this done. The sooner we reach our target vaccination the sooner we can get back to life.

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