Thank you Thank you Thank you

by Mamaslz,
I had my first Pfizer shot April 10, along with my husband. When we heard that we would be going to the RBC site we were a little apprehensive. . Only because it was downtown,a big building and parking might have been a problem , being a long walk, and we thought it would be so busy. To our pleasant surprize, we got to park right outside the building, walking into the building, we found it completely organized, ,help was provided at every turn and no waiting in lineups of any kind.

The whole process was very organized and easy going.
my second shot was May 30 at the Leila St location. There too, everything was completely organized. .we were in and out in no time.

My experience getting vaccinated was simple, easy, and positive. I would like to thank the organizers as well as the on site workers , professional and non professional for a job well done!