Such hard working staff who deserve respect

My experience getting my vaccine at the RBC was fast, efficient, friendly and very impressive. Congratulations to all Manitobans who have worked, supported and most importantly rolled up for a shot. Volunteers, new staff, existing staff are all working so hard with extremely long days, no lunch breaks and standing on their feet all day/night to protect each other by getting us the vaccines. Thank you for all that you do. One memory that stands out to me is the last staff member who congratulates you on your vaccine, validates your parking and gives you a feedback card. She sounded just as excited in her congratulatory message to every person who was heading out regardless of me being her thousands person that day she spoke to. She made me laugh and feel proud to have made the right decision to get the vaccine. I hope the public can one day appreciate and or take note on just how hard government employees work for them, the public, and how these employees deserve respect and appreciation regardless.

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