Making history

Before Covid began, I was doing a lot of extra curricular activities such as swimming, soccer, and a few more. Because of Covid, I missed out on a lot of opportunities, that included school sports, Band, and the Manitoba Summer Games, which i was going to swim in. I also missed hanging with my friends and family. Like most schools, we went into remote learning and I honestly never want that to happen again, in October we had to move into the High School, where our class was split in half. No more than a week later, we were back in remote learning, for two more weeks. After Christmas break, another two weeks remote learning. Most of the time I was alone because both my parents are essential workers. When we heard I was eligible for the first appointment, we didn't hesitate to get me an appointment. I was a little nervous but the ladies there were super kind, especially the Nurse, she told me i was part of history in the making. My parents and all of my siblings had been vaccinated. When it was time for the second appointment, I was ready, but when my mom, called to book an appointment, we were told there was no available Phizer appointments left in Brandon, they found a cancelled appointment in Russell, and we took it. I would like to say the two and a half drive was worth it, because I am now starting swimming again, and I am in the school soccer team. We arrived early for the the appointment, and the ladies there suggested we went to a local ice cream shop, and of course, we did. Then i got my vaccination and was ready to get going with my sports and other activities! I strongly encourage other parents to get their kids vaccinated, and themselves so we can get back to normal again.

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