Fully Vaxx and Happy!

by Lara S-G,

Oh the happiness I am feeling today!

I had my fair share of doubts when the COVID-19 vaccines was first rolled out. It's very new! It's foreign! I am going to admit, the unnecessary and misleading fearmongering contributed with the reasons why I was having second thoughts to get it. But scientists and doctors that are experts in this field knows best. And as time days goes by, I had friends who works in medical field had already taken their first jab and some have completed it. A good proof that we indeed need to be vaccinated not just to only to protect ourselves but to protect our loved ones and as well our community. I am thankful how privilege we are to have access of these vaccines. Being or getting vaccinated may be a little contribution on our part but certainly makes a big difference to our community.

And now, in accordance with CDC guidelines, I am happy to report that I am now π…π”π‹π‹π˜ π•π€π‚π‚πˆππ€π“π„πƒ!