Flin Flon Rocks in more ways than our landscape.

I received my first vaccine, AstraZeneca, at a pharmacy. I was informed efficiently and felt confident in my decisions. Thank you to our local pharmacists for your care, concern, and hard work with vaccine rollouts. My second dose; Moderna was administered last week at our Community Hall. I chose to attend a “walk in” and waited approximately three hours before the doors opened. Our lineup was respectful and patient despite cold, rainy, windy weather. Once inside the true dynamics of what hard work goes into these clinics was in full force. The smooth transition from one section to another was absolutely phenomenal. The distancing and safety measures were followed with top notch, precautionary measures. Thank you to each and every person involved in this vaccine rollout. It takes a whole community to pull this off with professional, efficiency, and compassion. I am grateful and blessed to feel safe and protected today.