Anne is my Hero

I have been terrified of needles and medical settings my entire life. Ever since getting inoculated in elementary school and passing out I have always been hesitant towards getting vaccinations. After over a year of this pandemic, being exposed to vaccine information, and seeing it everywhere, I knew that it was my responsibility as a Manitoban to get my COVID19 vaccine when it was my turn.

I was fortunate enough to have the most kind health care worker administer my vaccine at the RBC Convention Centre super site in Winnipeg on May 30th. The entire operation right from parking to receiving my vaccine was seamless, every volunteer and worker was friendly and I felt comfortable and safe throughout my entire experience. I had let the person at the table confirming my appointment know that I was prone to fainting and she wrote a note on my consent form where I showed it to workers when I was sat in line to get vaccinated. A wonderful lady named Anne came and got me and brought be into a small private room with a mat and pillow where I could lay on my side, look at the wall, and not worry about passing out. She was so nice and she made me feel so comfortable and safe, we were even joking around a bit before I laid down to receive my vaccine. A small pinch and it was over, no fainting.

If this changes anyones mind who is hesitant to get the vaccine that's great. It's a scary situation for a lot of people and I completely understand. I am lucky to say that my life hasn't been too drastically impacted by the pandemic up until now, and getting my vaccine felt like I am finally able to contribute to the solution. I figure it's a lot easier to get two doses of a vaccine than maybe ending up in the hospital or ICU because of the virus.

If Anne sees this message I want to say thank you again! I know you probably have given thousands of vaccines at this point but please know that you made my experience 100x easier!