An Emotional Moment as I Thought of My Mom Who Died From COVID-19

by jthomson,

We lost our mom in December to COVID-19 and when I went for my first vaccination, she was very much on my mind. As they were getting ready to administer my shot all I could think of was that I wished the vaccine was ready just a little earlier and that she was able to be protected instead of succumbing to the virus a week before Christmas. It took everything in me not to break down and cry as they congratulated me on being vaccinated.

I am grateful that we now do have a vaccine, and that it will save so many families the heartbreak that we went through losing our mom who was an independent, active woman who loved her children and grandchildren, gardening, cooking, and genuinely cared for those around her. We lost her far too soon.

Please get vaccinated. For my mom.