3rd times the charm - thanks Bob and Rosie

I just want to share how amazing Bob and Rosie were last night July 4th at RBC. It was my third attempt to get the vaccine as I have major phobia of needles and very bad anxiety. The first two times I left crying and upset but I was lucky enough to have Bob, Rosie and my mom by my side. Even though I was calm (as Bob had said) l was very anxious and emotional and ended in tears, but Bob and Rosie were patient and as a team they were able to give me the vaccine while in a panic attack/episode. Which was not only safe for me but them as I was already workedup and trying to calm down my mom hugged me and they snuck the needle in. (It was all consented for). Little did I know I was the only one left at the RBC. Bob and Rosie both stayed and made sure that I was going to get the vaccine and that I was ok after. They went above and beyond for me and it’s really appreciated. I am really thankful for Bob, Rosie and my mom for really being patient with me and understand but also very professional.

If anyone knows Bob or Rosie tell them Anika can’t thank them enough.