• Based on recommendations from the Auditor General, a number of amendments were made to the Public Sector Compensation Disclosure Act (PSCDA), effective January 1, 2019, and the final amendment was proclaimed on March 31, 2021, which now requires government to host one central website for all the compensation reports for the entire Government Reporting Entity.

    The new tool is built within the DataMB open data platform (built on ArcGIS) – the same tool that is used for COVID-19 case and vaccination data and over 84 other open data sets across departments. Previously, these disclosure documents were PDF files that were not searchable, not easily compared or analyzed, and not centrally located.

    This tool was built to meet the requirements of the Act and is in what is considered a 'public beta phase' - we are actively reviewing its functionality and considering ways to make it better.

    We want all of our open data tools, including the Public Sector Salary Disclosure data set, to be as useful as possible to the researchers, elected officials, public servants and citizens who access them. 

    Fill out this survey to highlight for our team:

    • Errors in the data that require attention;
    • Features or other recommendations you have on how we can make the data and tool more useful (definitions, data sets, dashboards, filters, etc.); and
    • Bugs or issues you've come across in your use of the tool.

    The Communications and Engagement Division of Executive Council Office has a mandate to advance open government in Manitoba - all submissions will be reviewed by this team of public servants; however, responses will only be provided where appropriate and if contact information is submitted in your report.

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