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The Manitoba government is committed to listening to the front line of health care and we want to hear from you. In addition to in-person sessions at health care sites across the province, this brief survey is a starting point to collect your experiences, the challenges you face, and your ideas for change. 

All of the questions below are optional, however your feedback will help inform future initiatives and investments.  

We will be compiling and publicly reporting on themes and other feedback shared in the survey.  This page will continue to be open to collect your feedback on an ongoing basis.

These questions are all optional. Please feel free to fill in one or more to share your experiences.

Please tell us about yourself.


What best describes your role in the health care sector? Select any that apply.


Which organization(s) do you work for? Choose all that apply.  


How many years have you worked in the health care system?


What is your age? 


Which of the below best describes your gender? 


Do you identify as an Indigenous person, e.g. First Nations (status or non-status), Métis, or Inuit? Select any that apply.


In which regional health authority do you primarily reside?