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Helpful Transit Drivers, Concerns on Safety, Apps and Parallel Systems

I live with multiple disabilities and struggle with accessibility all around. It is challenging and difficult to access or get set up with Transit-Plus. I can't afford a credit card, so this leaves out taxi service, ride sharing service among many others.

Regular Transit is my only option. I appreciate many Transit drivers, in their professionalism from pick up to drop off. When stopping, I appreciate their friendly announcing what bus number, and when I ask if they go to a certain destination, it is much appreciated their clear directions how to get there.

I respect Transit drivers. Often they have to to deal with impatient, hostile or intoxicated riders. I value the large amount of patience and respect drivers have for riders. On top of this, providing accessible service, such as lowering the step, waiting until I sit down, and telling me when my stop is. There are many drivers with positive attitudes, who are accommodating and practice patience and respect. They deserve commendation.

Please ensure safety is a priority on buses, If people choose to commit crimes, they face penalties from fines, to being banned to incarceration.

I am glad there are Transit apps, but this is challenging to use for people who don't own a smart phone or have Internet. If you have a low income or are not tech savvy, it is difficult to get these devices, let alone navigate the Transit system.

Consider a public Uber service that doesn't rely on credit cards, but is a hybrid ride sharing service to accommodate people with disabilities and older adults. Consider partnerships with organizations serving older adults and people with low incomes to access a low income bus pass, technology and assistance navigating Winnipeg's transportation system.

Thank you for hearing our stories and doing the valuable work in putting together an accessible Transportation Act.