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Small Business Enforcement

In Manitoba we have many businesses that start as a small "ma and pa" business, as these companies grow, take on new challenges and grow their work force, they seem to believe that they can operate as they did in the beginning. They don't realize or have not been informed that it is a different world with mandatory obligations to keep their workers out of harms way. These companies often hire people who are new to the workforce here in Manitoba or prefer to work for smaller companies with more opportunity to grow within. Our regulators need to do a better job of monitoring and informing these companies of their legal obligations to ensure that small businesses are not putting their workers at risk, and that the company has done their job to properly train their staff about hazards in their particular workplace giving them the skills needed to identify unsafe work practices. If we can educate smaller businesses at the ground level maybe just maybe we can create a safer environment for all future workers coming into the workforce and teach small business owners that they too have a responsibilities beyond their profit line.