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Laws what laws

It is illegal for an employer to terminate and employee for filing a harassment or safety complaint, but illegal is a term only as good as the paper it’s written on.
What happens when an employee wins reprisal and the employer doesn’t pay? Absolutely nothing. The employee needs to hire a lawyer and go file in civil court. So basically the act should read we will issue orders but it’s up to said employee to get their money. When something is illegal it means it’s against the law and there are actions enforced. What actions are enforced within your act?? This act is misleading and doesn’t help employees against employers. In fact employers win every time. They may loose the order but so what? What actually happens? I can tell you from experience nothing. The employer knows now he can do whatever he wishes and get away with it. Worst case an order comes out. Again it’s a piece of paper!! If employee goes civil law to recoup monies owed and the employer has everything leased and tied to corp guess what. Employer wins no money or garnishment order can take place. Employee gets an expensive piece of paper winning the judgement. Thanks WHS!
If WHS wants to protect workers how about enforcing payment from employer. How about having the director make the final decision? How about truly having the workers back and truly protecting them?

From my experience it’s all talk and no action. You want to have people believe your government agency helps and protects employees but it doesn’t. Not at the end of the day if the employer has no assets or has a high amount of debt you can’t repo assets as they are tied up. How does this act help? It’s time to change and help employees not employers.