Electronic Logging Device Fact Sheet

What is an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)?

  • An ELD is a tamper resistant device that tracks a driver’s hours of service and is integrated with a commercial vehicle’s on-board electronic system.
  • ELDs can replace paper logbooks currently required under federal and provincial hours of service regulations.

What are the requirements for Regulated Vehicles and Hours of Service (HOS) in Manitoba today?

  • A driver of regulated vehicle (over 4500 kg) is required maintain a daily logbook documenting the driver’s hours of service (HOS), unless exempted.
  • Current exemptions in the Manitoba regulation:
    • Limited-use vehicles less than 6800 kg (operated within defined radius).
    • Farm trucks, municipal buses, and hearses.
    • Emergency vehicles and vehicles responding electric power or natural gas outages.
  • Exemptions included in the federal regulation:
    • 2 and 3 axle vehicles transporting products of farm, forest, sea and lake if the driver is the producer.
    • Emergency vehicles and vehicle providing relief in the case of a public welfare emergency.

Why are we consulting about ELD’s in Manitoba?

  • Federal government is mandating the use of ELDs for all federally regulated commercial vehicle operators (carriers) starting in June 2021. Federally regulated carriers typically cross provincial borders (extra-provincial carriers).
  • Manitoba adopts the federal regulation for all provincially regulated carriers (intra-provincial), with an exemption for limited use vehicles under 6800 kilograms, farm vehicles, and several others.
  • Manitoba must decide if/how ELDs will be mandated for provincially regulated carriers.
  • The Manitoba regulation must be updated to reflect the decision prior to June 2021.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

  • To give stakeholders the opportunity to provide their ideas on how Manitoba can implement ELDs for intra-provincial carriers (i.e. carriers that only operate within Manitoba).
  • To identify potential options for implementing the use of ELDs in Manitoba, while taking into consideration stakeholder ideas and concerns.

How will the information be used?

  • Manitoba  Infrastructure will document stakeholder input in a What We Heard  Report, and will share the report with stakeholders when it is complete.
  • Manitoba  Infrastructure will use the consultation results to determine options  for the province to respond to the planned federal mandate of ELDs. The  results and a recommended option will be presented to government for  final decision-making.