Benefits to the use of Electronic Logging Devices for Intra-Provincial Carriers

Information and discussion questions from the public open house meetings are below.

Benefits for regulators:

  • Time savings for roadside inspector and auditors.
  • Safety benefits by reducing collisions that may be attributable to driver fatigue.

Companies who have implemented ELDs note the following benefits:

  • Driver time savings - no manual logbooks completion.
  • Office staff time savings as ELD data can be transmitted electronically.
  • Savings on the cost of paper logbooks.
  • Reduced out of service detention time due to hours of service violations.

What benefits will your company get from ELD use?

  • Would the use of ELDs save your drivers time?
  • Will your office staff see time savings from the electronic transfer of logbooks?
  • Are there other benefits for your company?
  • Will your drivers like ELDs?
  • Will your office staff like ELDs?
  • Are there cost savings?