Barriers to Use of Electronic Logging Devices for Intra-provincial Carriers

Information and discussion questions from the public open house meetings are below.

Cost Estimates:

  • 2016 cost-benefit analysis of ELDs estimated annual cost of $244 per truck (over a 10 year window).
  • Device connecting to the engine’s control module $100 - $500 (US). 

Incremental Costs to Industry:

  • Acquisition, installation, activation and monitoring cost. 
  • Training costs for drivers and office staff on ELD functionality. 
  • HOS compliance costs (potential additional costs incurred in order to improve compliance)

What are the barriers to ELD use for your company?

  • Will your drivers need training?
  • Will your office staff need more training?
  • Do you think either your drivers or office staff will struggle with the technology?
  • Are costs a barrier for your company? (upfront and ongoing)?